Need to overcome anxiety and doubt

“I am so embarrassed that I have this anxiety; it makes me feel broken and stupid. I don’t understand why I can’t be normal.”

Sometimes that inner critic takes over, and you are simply unable to overcome those nagging doubts.

Is your critic, or committee of critics, holding you back? Are you living as if you are watching your life or are you using the rearview mirror to move forward?

It is possible to silence that inner critic. Working with mindset shifts, education about anxiety, and learning coping skills will force your anxiety to a distant memory.

Brokenness – a state of mind

The truth is you are not broken. You are suffering with anxiety and fear, and that inner critic tells you lies. Your traumas, struggles, and injustices do not have to define you. We are more than our stories.

Learning about parts that have been rejected or ignored is an effective way toward accepting all of you; individual therapy is truly a gift that keeps giving.

Silencing that inner critic

I always feel honored to work with people in a unique relationship, as we work through those parts in their lives that feed the inner critic.

People sometimes ask, “If I accept myself, won’t that make it hard to change?” Good question. I find if we don’t accept ourselves, we can’t change. And as human beings, we all struggle. Those struggles provide a good starting point.

Sorting through the parts and solving the puzzle

Our disconnected parts are scared and are sometimes hurt kid parts. They may be carrying anger, grief, or rage that was not safe to express as a child.

It is time to listen, acknowledge, and care for those parts, so you can be a whole adult. It is time to stop beating yourself up and give you the kindness you give others.

In our sessions, we will listen to and accept all parts. Age is not a factor, and there is no time limit to healing. Now is always the right time. Learning what is in your heart, who you are meant to be, and becoming aware is the best gift I can offer as a therapist.

Truly the gift that keeps giving! It is time to stop beating yourself up and give you the kindness you give others.

Been there, too

Just to let you know, I have firsthand experience with what you are going through. As someone who had panic attacks and lived with the heightened anxiety for years – and who has recovered – I know this is not an easy foe.

I would love the chance to help you find your own recovery. No one should suffer with anxiety.

Let’s get started on that road to a better life.

Call (847) 421-0342 and let’s talk. Relief is around the corner.