Your life isn’t where you thought it’d be.

Well, this is your chance to change everything.

Therapy in Barrington, Illinois

Is this all there is?

Can’t go out anymore. When you do, you’re always looking over your shoulder. You are great at creating the ‘what-ifs’!

The location, the noise, the ever-present possibility of ‘what-if.’ You just want to scream, ‘Make it stop!’

Your family and friends are tired of telling you that everything will be okay. And – you’re tired of hearing them utter platitudes. It seems no one understands.

You may feel broken beyond repair.

But you’re not.

Carrying the burdens of your earlier life makes it impossible to see the path in front of you.

Those burdens need love and compassion. They don’t need to be beat up and criticized.

You’ve probably tried that. And in your heart, you know it doesn’t work.

If you talked to your friends the way your inner critic talks to you, you would be friendless.

We have the ability to rewrite our stories.

It’s necessary if we want to find the path to living a life with meaning and happiness.

That is our inherent human right.

Stop wondering when the tides will turn so you can finally be happy.

Re-Parent your hurt parts.

I’ve lived with anxiety… I’ve lived with many hurts. I know how debilitating they can be. But… I also know with focus and support, new tools in your toolbox, you can recreate yourself to a better YOU.

Therapy is the way out.

Trauma and pain from the past will not magically disappear. But you don’t have to go it alone.

All your parts are welcome in my office – the sad, hurt, shame, critic… all your parts are welcome.

Therapy will help you find your true self. What are you waiting for?

Call me at (847) 421-0342 and let’s find your happy.