Barbara Spaulding, LCSW, Anxiety Coach, specializes in anxiety relief techniques.

ANXIETY has taken enough of your life.

It’s time to take your life back.

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Anxiety and Panic

What’s wrong with me?

It can’t JUST be anxiety… Everyone has anxiety. Stress is a part of life. Right?

This is not just normal everyday stress; this is throat-gripping, heart-racing stress. My chest muscles tighten; there is numbness, perhaps out-of-control tingling.

Anxiety is taking over my life. It’s debilitating.

This anxiety makes me afraid to eat at restaurants, scared to drive on the highway, terrified to fly… NO WAY.

Anxiety Relief Techniques

How avoidance doesn’t work…

The most common attempt to manage and relieve anxiety is to simply avoid anything that makes you anxious.

Instinctively, that makes sense. If it hurts, just don’t do it, avoid it.

BUT avoidance doesn’t work.

It leads to isolation, decreased joy, embarrassment, and more fear. The only thing getting stronger with avoidance is anxiety symptoms.

In fact, avoidance is the fuel that sets your anxiety on fire.

Anxiety Relief

Everyone tells you to calm down.

If you could, you would. This lack of control makes you feel worse about yourself. Hopeless, stuck – which brings on more anxiety.

Past attempts to manage anxiety have failed.

Blaming and shaming don’t work.

Time to stop the cycle. NOW.

When we work together, I teach you HOW to calm down, so you can begin the journey to calmness and peace.

This is about the time some of you laugh at me and say, “I doubt I will ever be calm; I just have to live with this anxiety.” And I say, “NO, you don’t.”

          It is time to reclaim your life.

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Hi, I’m Barb

Anxiety counseling, similar to any type of therapy works best when the therapist and client are working together, when a relationship is developed based on trust and safety.

Anxiety, depression, conflicts, or trauma make us feel unsafe in our own body. Establishing emotional and physical safety is the first step to recovering from anxiety or whatever  ails us and allows us to regain trust.

We all have the ability to find our personal power, and I teach anxiety relief technique, offer other tips and education, and guide clients in ways that work to that end. My style is interactive and approachable. I teach you how to be the expert in your needs, in listening to your true self and personal growth.

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