loving couple

Couples Therapy

Lost that loving feeling?

Does your marriage feel like the “honeymoon” is long over? You and your partner feel distant. You seem to fight over little things. Do you feel you have lost your best friend?

Unfortunately, these things don’t get better on their own. Patterns become habits, and you may be asking, “WHAT HAPPENED?” How can you find your way back to each to each other?

Past issues do not have to control the future. Past hurts can be healed, and people who go to couples therapy say they are better than before.

Focusing on the future

We all hear in today’s world that stress, work, and kids pull us apart. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

Everybody in a solid, healthy relationship will admit it takes work and time to stay together.

We come to relationships with the experience and role models from our life. That may not be enough.

It is possible to learn what it takes to stay together and be happy, and we can talk about the great and loving relationship that can be yours.

Partnership in your quest for a new relationship

As a post-graduate of the Family Institute, I have spent countless hours sitting with couples as they work to find their way back to each other.

I think of couples work as playing in the sandbox of life. As long as you “stay in the sandbox,” you have a chance of building a healthy relationship.

Of course, some relationships must end; and if that is truly what you want, I help couples maneuver through the challenges this creates. If the relationship is ending, then let’s work together to do it in a respectful and healing way.

Let’s get started

Don’t wait because this is your life. It is time to create rekindle the relationship.

Call me at (847) 421-0342, and let’s figure out together what happened and what it would take to put things back.