Women’s Connecting and Support Groups

Are you missing women in your life?

When I was young, my mom had lots of girlfriends who were always part of my life. I thought of them as second mothers. They always told me what they thought – whether I wanted to hear it or not. They were rocks in my life.

These women taught me the power of love and connection. I honor my mother and her friends by offering women a place to come together to experience support and personal growth in a community.

We are missing this today, and social media is not helping us feel more connected. Not in any real way.

We invite you to come and be empowered with us.

My groups let women feel they are not alone, that there are other women struggling with similar issues. Even if our struggles are different, we still feel connected.

What former participants say

“I love the group, even when I don’t want to go, I feel uplifted and calm when I leave.” C.T.

“Sometimes I attend the group for myself, and sometimes I attend just to be there for others.” L.B.

Let’s empower and support each other. Your true self awaits.

Groups have focused on topics such as understanding your inner critic, managing anxiety, healing from trauma, finding your heart’s desires, and how to soar in life.

The groups focus on healing, sharing, and empowering each other. When we help empower each other, we empower ourselves.

If you are interested, email your information; we will add you to the list. We generally meet in the Illinois or Wisconsin area.