Marriage and Family Therapy

Does this sound familiar?

As I am sitting in my office, I hear a couple on their way to session. They are arguing loud enough to be heard for blocks.

He is yelling at her that she didn’t finish the paperwork, and she is yelling at him about his lack of initiative with household tasks.

Anybody nearby would hear their anger and hate.

What I hear are hurt feelings, disappointment, overwhelmed parents, and betrayal.

This is not what marriage is supposed to be.

Marriage is supposed to be positive.

When we find our “person,” we expect compassion, love, understanding, connection, and emotional safety.

Are you wondering what happened to all your expectations?

If you are left wondering about the negativity in your marriage, it is time to reach out for professional help.

Are you asking yourself if you picked the right partner?

It’s one of the biggest decisions we make in life, with very little training. Where is that brochure?

Marriage and family counseling can provide guidance and training.

How do I know if counseling will help?

You don’t; all you know at this moment is what you are doing isn’t working.

How do I work toward healing and improving your relationship?

The first step is learning how to listen.

Everyone says they listen; but if your partner says they don’t feel heard, it doesn’t count.

It is a two-way skill. Once you learn it, you are on the way to re-connecting.

It’s important to build a new, more stable foundation and find your way back to each other.

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