Why do I have anxiety? Where did the panic attack come from? What is wrong with me?
How can I make it stop? These are the initial questions I hear everyday.

First, I want you to know when I had panic and anxiety I asked the same questions, I felt the same way as well as feeling embarrassed, confused and alone.

Good news! It isn’t your fault, there is nothing wrong with you and most important there is a way out.
In my experience anxiety is a learned behavior and most of us can trace back to early signs of anxiety. If asked when do you think your anxiety started, many report they have always had it. Part of healing from anxiety is understanding your own story, your history.

The first step in recovery is to identify your symptoms and learn which coping strategy will help reduce and eliminate that symptom. The next step is practicing those strategies and starting to practice calm behaviors. You can’t be calm and anxious at the same time.

Learn to understand anxiety in a different way, become friends with it, stop being critical, change the negative thoughts and let go of limiting beliefs. There are so many ways to address anxiety recovery. The worse thing to do is avoid and ignore. That fuels anxiety.

I get it, anxiety and panic symptoms feel awful, we don’t feel in control of our body or life anymore. It’s time to reclaim your life, because if anxiety is making decisions for you, you aren’t living your full life. I have been free of anxiety and panic for over 20 years. My anxious years were some of the hardest times in my life. Those times were also filled with some of my greatest lessons.